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Tips to make your hotel linen last longer

Would you like your commercial linen to last longer? Are you sick and tired of replacing your sheets and towels every couple of years? If cared for correctly, your hotel linen should last 5-8 years and still look and feel great.

So what’s the secret?

Buy quality towels and sheets

Firstly, it’s important to remember that even with lots of love and care, poor quality towels and sheets won’t last long in a commercial environment. Commercial linen is made specifically for the accommodation industry, and is designed to endure frequent use, and withstand day in, day out laundering.

When buying towels, we recommend 100% cotton, the thicker the better! At National Hotel Supplies we stock a high quality range of cotton towels, purpose built for the hospitality industry, durable, soft and luxurious.

Sheets also need to be strong and durable, but at the same time crisp and comfortable. We recommend a cotton/polyester blend, because when it comes to sheets, this combination lasts longer than 100% cotton. Our range of 160gsm percale commercial linen is made with this particular blend, ensuring it lasts wash after wash, year after year.

Pre-wash care

  • Always pre-treat tough stains by soaking your towels and sheets in warm soapy water.
  • Tidy up loose threads on your towels by cutting the threads off with scissors. This will stop them unravelling in the wash.
  • Always sort towels and sheets prior to washing, keeping dark colours separate.
  • Always wash new towels before use. Avoid using fabric softener as it can make the towels less absorbent.
  • Keep your towels and sheets away from bathroom cleaning products. They may contain harmful ingredients, which could damage your linen. If they do come in contact with these products, wash them as soon as possible in cold water.


  • Warm machine wash, but always follow the care instructions on the label.
  • Only use half the recommended amount of detergent, it’s more than enough. Always dissolve the detergent before adding it to your washing machine.
  • Never dry-clean your towels or sheets.
  • Never use bleach. Read the labels of your products carefully, because bleach can cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your linen. Look for words like peroxide, sodium percarbonate/carbonate, peroxyghydrate and sodium hypochlorite. You can safely use optical brighteners on whites, but never use them on colours, because they’ll cause fading.
  • Fabric softener can build up on your towels if used too frequently. This may affect the towels absorbency and cause loose threads.
  • Never overload your washing machine, your sheets and towels won’t clean properly and it will increase the wear on your linen.


  • Washing towels in a tumble dryer will increase their ‘fluffiness’ and is the best way to dry towels. This will ensure your guests get the feel and comfort they love. Just ensure you don’t over-dry them, as this can degrade the fabric and make them harder instead of softer.
  • Dry sheets and towels on a warm to medium heat to avoid damage, it will also help stop wrinkles in your sheets.
  • Don’t dry sheets and towels together, as they both require different drying times and you risk over-drying. Hint: to reinvigorate towels in-between use, give them a short stint in the tumble dryer!
  • Ensure your towels and sheets are completely dry before you put them away and store them in a cool dry place to avoid mould.

Follow these simple steps and your commercial linen will last year in, year out and continue to look and feel fabulous. If you’d like to know more about caring for your linen, or have a chat about National Hotel Supplies’ range of hotel sheets and towels, give us a call on 1300 557 415 or email