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Comfort should be king when choosing a mattress

Finding the right mattress for your hotel/motel room, resort or holiday rental can be challenging, but don’t lose sleep over it! If you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to find a comfortable mattress that will give your guests the blissful night’s sleep they deserve.

Remember, you get what you pay for, cheap and nasty mattresses will be thinner, uncomfortable and less durable. Therefore, quality should be at the top of your list when choosing a mattress.

3 types of mattresses


This is the most common type of mattress. Innerspring mattresses have internal coils and a comfort layer on top. There are two types of innerspring mattresses, continuous or open coil, and pocket-sprung.

Open coil mattresses have internal springs that move as one unit, whereas pocket-sprung mattresses have springs that are sewn into individual pockets. Because of these pockets, pocket sprung mattresses offer more support and also have increased air circulation. However, they tend to be a little heavier and more expensive than open coil mattresses.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of memory foam and adjust to your sleeping position while contouring to your body. While many people believe they are more comfortable than innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses can hold more heat than innerspring mattresses as they have less air circulation.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are known for their durability and comfort, which is similar to memory foam mattresses. Latex mattresses are normally antimicrobial and have good air circulation, so they’re great for people suffering from allergies. However, they can be a little heavier if you’re planning to move them around your property.

Choose the right size

What size mattress you choose will obviously depend on the size of your room, and if you already have a bed or bed base. It may be tempting to choose a luxurious king size bed, but there’s no point investing in a bed of this size if it takes up the entire room and stops your guests from moving around the room comfortably.

Choose the mattress firmness

Mattresses come in soft, medium and firm. Some people prefer soft mattresses, others firm, but for holiday accommodation you will need to appeal to the majority of guests, offering something not too soft, and not too firm.

Test it out

Physically test the mattress before you buy it. This is the only real way to test its comfort level and it will give you a closer look at the quality of the mattress.

Check return policies and warranties

Always ensure the retailer offers a reputable return and warranty policy.

How to care for your mattress

To extend the life of your mattress and keep it comfortable for longer:

  • Upgrade about every 8 – 10 years.
  • If it’s double sided, flip it regularly.
  • Always use a mattress protector to stop stains and spills.
  • Always treat stains or marks immediately. Dry and clean thoroughly.
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly.
  • Always follow manufacturers care instructions.

To give your guests the ultimate night’s sleep, dress the bed with luxurious commercial bed linen, soft fluffy blankets and pillows. Layer your bed with medium and firm pillows, and have spare soft pillows in the cupboard so guests can choose their level of comfort. Pure bliss!