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7 social media tips for the accommodation industry

Did you know that Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users, and Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users?

What can we say; in this digital age it’s essential for anyone in the accommodation industry to have a social media presence. If your property isn’t on Instagram or Facebook, get it on there now!

Whether you manage an Airbnb, a hotel/motel, or a large resort, social media is one of the most effective ways to engage your target audience and promote your accommodation service to the world.

We see so many of our clients kicking goals in the social media arena, but we know that not everyone is so confident, so here are our tips to get social media savvy, and create a successful social media profile.

Be smart

So you’ve decided to manage your own social media accounts? The first step is to get educated and learn how it works. Jump online, enrol yourself in a short course or sit down with a friend who is social media savvy. Check out your competitor’s accounts and see what they are doing and what works for them. The more knowledge you have under your belt, the better!

Be engaged

Never forget that social media is a two-way street. Posting content is only half the job. Engagement is the key, and how you interact with your audience is the secret to holding their attention. Like their comments, reply to their questions, and be active and present.

Be proactive

This is not the time to wing it. This strategy might work for a while, but you’ll soon run out of ideas. Take the stress out of it and create a social media schedule in advance, taking into account any special dates, holidays or upcoming promotions you’d like to implement.

Be a realist

Don’t feel like you have to post 10 times a day. One successful post is better than 10 that don’t connect with your audience. If one post a day is all you can commit to at the moment, don’t sweat it. You can build on this as you get more comfortable in the social media arena. Think quality, not quantity.

Be consistent

If you commit to one post a day, stick to it. With social media it’s out of sight, out of mind, so maintaining a consistent presence will help keep you in the front of your audiences’ minds.

Be creative

Don’t be scared to push the boundaries and think outside the box. Every post doesn’t have to directly promote your accommodation service. Have fun, mix it up with images, videos and quotes, and get creative.

Try to maintain a consistent look and feel. Maybe your theme is fun and quirky, or luxurious and indulgent, obviously dependent on your accommodation service. Having a loose theme like this will give you more direction when creating content and make it easier for your brand to stand out from the rest.

Don’t forget to collaborate! For example, if you offer a welcome gift on arrival, why not post an image and tag in the company that creates the gift. Maybe they’ll return the favour and promote your property in return. Cross-promotion is an awesome tool, so try to connect with other businesses in the area to run promotions or giveaways and tap into a whole new audience.

Be accountable

Both Instagram and Facebook have tools to track and analyse your efforts. Find out what works, and what doesn’t, and use this information when generating future posts.