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Total white out – why white linen is best!

For as long as we can remember white bed linen has embodied luxury and style and has a certain air of opulence about it. However, this isn’t the only reason why white linen is such a popular choice in the accommodation industry.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose white!

White bed linen is easy to style

White bed linen might sound a little plain and boring at first, but you need to think of this as your base. White linen gives you the opportunity to effortlessly introduce other colours and hues into the décor of your room, adding pops of colour with cushions, throws, vases, lamps or artwork.

Also, white bed linen is a people pleaser. With so many different types of people walking through your doors, it’s a good idea to choose bed linen that is timeless and appeals to the majority of people.

White bed linen shows everything

There is nowhere to hide when it comes to white bed linen, and that’s exactly why so many properties use it! Confused?

While white sheets show every mark and stain, this is also an opportunity to show your guests how clean your property is. If your sheets are pristine and white it is a reflection on the cleanliness of your entire property, after all, the bed is one of the first places your guests look when they enter the room.

White bed linen is more practical to clean

Some commercial laundries won’t accept coloured linen. This is to avoid the risk of colours running, and because coloured linen and towels can leave traces of coloured fluff on white linen, and vice versa, which makes it more difficult to manage especially when dealing with such large quantities of commercial laundry.

White bed sheets are easily stained, but it’s also easier to get stains and marks out of white bed linen because they can be soaked or bleached.

White bed linen doesn’t fade
Your coloured bed sheets might look amazing now, but after they’re subjected to hundreds of washes the colours will eventually fade. Choosing white will extend the life of your bed linen and you won’t need to replace it so often.

White linen can be easily matched and reordered

Do you have a pillowcase or top sheet that needs replacing? If you’re using coloured bed linen colour matching it might be a difficult task, especially if the colour is no longer stocked with your supplier. White bed linen however is easily matched and can be replaced without any fuss.

Don’t forget…

Demand is super high leading up to the end of the year, and stock is limited, so if you need to order new bed linen before the Christmas rush we recommend you order now so you don’t miss out. Email or call us on 1300 557 415.