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Comp Clean Dishwashing Liquid

Comp Clean Dishwashing Liquid


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*Completely Clean Dishwashing Liquid Sachets – 500 units per carton

What could be better than getting your guests to clean their own dishes*?

Imagine the savings in time alone, not to mention the reduction in cleaning costs. Health Pak Dishwashing Liquid concentrate is an environmentally sound choice. The measured 10ml contents are more than ample for doing a sink full of dishes, yet less than half the amount most people use from a bottle. This represents a huge reduction in the amount of detergent that ends up in our ocean. * Not guaranteed to work, particularly with men!

And as of right now, the packaging for this product is made with an Oxo-degradable film that enables it to breakdown under certain landfill conditions faster than standard packaging films, another world first solution from Health Pak

Quantity per carton: 500

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