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Ritual Australian Environmental Tent Card

Ritual Australian Environmental Tent Card


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Ritual Australia Environmental Tent Card x 1

Saving the planet, one towel at a time!

Front: Less is more when it comes to laundry and preserving our environment.

As you can imagine, your average hotel room generates a fair amount of laundry on a daily basis.

If you’d like to help us reduce the amount of laundry needed, please hang your towels up after use.

If you wish for them to be replace, please place used towels in the bath, or floor of the shower.


Back: Introducing Ritual guest hair & body care products, proudly made in Australasia by Health Pak. exclusively for Corporate Connect.AB (Supply Nation Certified)

With Indigenous active ingredients sourced from virtually every part of the country. Ritual is a totally new concept in guest hair and body care products for domestic and international guests wanting to experience the very best that Australia has to offer.

Revenue generated via Ritual sales enables Corporate Connect.AB (CCAB) to work with businesses, government agencies and Indigenous communities. Our mission is to take practical approaches, tailored to business and community needs, to provide ongoing support to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Support hotels that use Australasian made products, it’s good for the country and better for your planet.

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