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Get your outdoor areas summer ready

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to the chilly winter months and get ready for everyone’s favourite time of year, summer! We’re fast approaching the busiest season for the accommodation industry, so it’s important to ensure every aspect of your property is looking spic and span for the holiday crowds!

It’s no secret that we’re an outdoor bunch here in Australia, so as we move closer to the warmer months anyone managing a resort, hotel/motel, Airbnb or holiday house needs to prepare their outdoor amenities for summer.


This might seem like an obvious one, and if you have a pool guy you’ve got it covered, but if you manage a holiday house or Airbnb property and maintain your own pool, it’s time to get your pool summer ready.

Your winter pool maintenance may have been put on the backburner over winter, but now it’s time to make sure it’s healthy, clean and balanced.

Here is a great step-by-step guide to pool maintenance from one of our favourite stores, Bunnings.

Also, if your pool towels are looking a bit shabby, now is great time to replace them with some soft, luxurious new ones from National Hotel Supplies.


There’s nothing better than kicking back on a balcony in the summertime, except maybe kicking back with a wine in hand and a few sausages on the BBQ! Sadly, there’s a big chance your balconies have been a little neglected over the cooler months, so maybe it’s time to spruce them up!

Are they dirty, could they do with a pressure clean? Is it time to update your outdoor furniture? Did your plants survive winter, or do they need to be replaced or re-potted? If your balcony areas have seen better days, give them some love and turn them back into a space that your guests will love!

BBQ areas

If your resort, hotel or motel has a BBQ area it’s time for a spring check-up. Ensure your BBQs are clean, tidy and in good working order. Also, it pays to check your gas bottle supplies, so your guests don’t run out of gas mid cook-up!

Tennis courts

If your property has a tennis court it’s going to see a lot of traffic throughout the warmer months. Guests love to get out and about in the fresh air to exercise and soak up Vitamin D. Give your court a good tidy up, repair any nets, grass, fencing and ensure all your equipment is in good working order.


When was the last time you updated the signage around your property? With guests spending more time outdoors during summer it’s a good time to replace any broken or faded signage.

At National Hotel Supplies we offer a variety of different signs, available in bright colours, with bold text and intuitive pictograms to ensure that the communication is easily understood. All signs are compliant with the latest Australian standards and regulations too.

Air-conditioning systems

Air-conditioning units may be indoors, but they still need to be summer ready!

Imagine this. Your guests go to switch on the air-conditioning system in their room on a steamy summers day, and EEK, they press the button and nothing happens! Or worse, only hot air comes out! There’s a big chance your air-conditioning units haven’t been used in a few months, so now is a good time to give a specialist a call to organise a service. Whether it’s a simple filter change, or just a clean, it pays to have your air-conditioning units summer ready to avoid disappointing your guests on those sweltering hot days.

GREAT, now your accommodation service is summer ready and you can concentrate on giving your guests the ultimate summer holiday experience to ensure they come back the same time next year!