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Keeping the outdoors warm in winter

We’re lucky in Australia; we’re blessed with great weather pretty much all year round. The cooler mornings and nights are coupled with awesome, sunshine-filled days that have us questioning whether it’s even winter at all…

However, as it gets cooler, you still want to give your guests the complete experience, which means ensuring they enjoy the outdoors as much as they enjoy the indoors. But how do you create a warm space outside on those chilly nights?

An easy option is to supply a pile of fluffy blankets, slippers and hot chocolate at your property during the cooler months, or if you’re a little more serious, installing a heater for your guests to cosy up to when the temperatures drop.

Right now there are some incredible outdoor heating options on the market that will keep your guests warm and toasty, but also won’t impede on your property’s ambience or conflict with your décor. Here are a few of our favourites:

Fire pits/wood heaters

If you own a luxury holiday home or Airbnb, and have the space, fire pits are totally trending right now. There is nothing quite like sitting around an open fire on a cold and frosty night, and with so many stylish fire pit setups on the market, you can’t go wrong.

We love the Moresque Moroccan Fire Pit and the Brushed Copper Cast Iron Fire Pit from Barbeques Galore, or the simple Chapala Small Flamma Chimenea or Black Sapri Fire Pit from Bunnings. These are just a couple of our favourites, but there are literally HUNDREDS of different sizes and styles available.

IMPORTANT!!! If you have a fire pit or fireplace always have plenty of wood and kindling on-hand. That way your guests can keep their fire burning throughout the night without the risk of running out of fuel.

Pros: atmosphere/toasting marshmallows
Cons: can’t be moved/smoke smell

Gas heaters

One of the biggest selling points of gas heaters is that they are portable; they can be moved around your space as needed. That’s why gas heaters are so popular in restaurants. They come in all sorts of sizes, from tabletop heaters, to the larger patio heaters like the Heatstrip black 4-tile LPG Outdoor Heater.

They can also be mounted from above like the Heat-Flo 3-tile LPG Outdoor Heater, which also comes with a wall-mounting bracket. Gas patio heaters are probably the most popular choice.

Pros: affordable/portable
Cons: ongoing gas costs

Electric heaters

Electric heatstrips are another option for outdoor heating. They are available in all different wattages, and sizes. These heaters work well in both small and large spaces, and are pretty understated, so they fit in with most décor. They are also quite energy efficient, and give you targeted heat, perfect to keep your guests cosy on those colder nights. Take a look at the Classic Heatstrips from Bunnings, which are available in a couple of different sizes.

Pros: affordable/targeted heat
Cons: ongoing energy costs

No matter what type of heater you decide to buy, it’s a fabulous way to add value to your property and help your guests to continue to enjoy the outdoors during the winter months.